Always have the pefect overview of your cases and tasks with innovative visualization concepts.

Flexible Cases

Stucture and manage your projects completely flexible. No sepeartion between Build- and Run-time anymore!

Information Exchange

Always be up to date with fully taggable activity streams.


Be connected with the whole project team and make decisions collaborativly.

We are currently working on a major update to the CoCaMa-Platform which will be completed in Q3. Since our courses for the summer term are almost over, we decided to publish an early version to gain some experience with the new design.

We would like to thank all the students for their constructive feedback and wish them best of luck for their exams!

Core Features of CoCaMa

Elegance, Performance, Full Features. No Compromise.


As of right now we have launched the Q2 version of the Collaborative Case Management (CoCaMa) application. Please note that this is still an early development version and we still have a lot to do in order to reach our vision.

Either way, we would like to invite everyone who is interested to join and provide feedback. As this is still a closed BETA you need to request access right here, so we can set up the respective user account.

  • Dashboard

  • Collaboration

  • Workflow Management

  • Flexible Cases

  • Information Exchange

  • Case Plugins